Mike Kelleher
1066 47th Avenue, Apt #18 Oakland, CA 94601
Cell (415) 595-2847 m i k e k @ m i k e k e l l e h e r . c o m



The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA

Contract Technical Director, Lighting and Materials

May 2004 – Present


Currently acting as a Lighting/Material Technical Director for The Orphanage. Emphasis on 
color/lighting, look development, and particle simulations. Modeling,  lighting and rendering in 
Autodesk 3dsMax and Maya, with some work in Side Effects’ Houdini for particle effect systems. 
Mainly focused on Splutterfish's Brazil (1.x and 2.0)  and Mental Ray rendering systems. Additional 
After Effects compositing work and comprehensive HDR/texture creation skills. Filmography includes
shots on Aeon Flux, Superman Returns, Dungeon Siege, Mimzy, and several commercials.



746 Design, New York NY


September 2001 – Present (now in San Francisco)


Founded an independent consultant/contracting firm to serve several post-production facilities

in New York. Served as a Technical Director for several ABC television pilots, providing support

on such diverse projects as the Texas Instruments’ DLP trailer to the latest Elmo’s World season.

Broad experience with 3dMax, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Discreet Inferno composting.

Extensive modeling, texturing and compositing work on cinematic sequences for Activision’s

PS2/360 game GUN, and the upcoming Scarface. Modeling, animation, and compositing/rendering

on MTV Video Mods. Other projects include installation of Rush Maya LINUX rendering clusters,

some MEL particle scripting, support for Discreet Inferno, including exposure to the new SGI Onyx

3000/InfiniteReality3 series and Ultimatte HD Systems.



Instipro Group, New York NY

Director of Technical Operations, Senior Systems Administrator 

September 2000 – September 2001


Responsible for the technical development and systems administration for an Internet Brokerage.

Designed the systems/network architecture and long-term expansion plans, supervised long-term

budgetary planning and purchasing. Extensive systems installations, security hardening/reviews,

and implementation of daily maintenance routines. Focus on Solaris 6/7/8 enterprise systems, and

fiber-channel SAN technologies. Broad Perl and Python programming for automation, database query

and crisis management. Established an internal bug-tracking database, implemented a CVS/Bugzilla

server and designed subsequent branching scheme. Implementation of EMC and NetApp Filer NAS systems,

Cisco Catalyst VLAN architecture, and DNS Server planning.




Systems Administrator, Virtual Studio Systems and Design

May 1996- September 2000


VR Systems Architect and Graphic Designer for a large NYC production/post-production facility.

System duties included daily technical support for all graphical productions, maintenance of workstations,

and facility needs assessments, including budgetary planning and purchasing. Responsible for the SGI

Onyx InfiniteReality2 virtual set engines, including installation of IRIX OS versions and patches, daily

maintenance and system optimization, as well as board-level troubleshooting and replacement of graphical

pipeline components. Additional maintenance of Discreet Inferno systems, Ciprico RAID systems,

Accom DDRs, still-image stores, and AVID Media Illusion hardware. Thorough knowledge of all major

video formats and hardware operation. Some work with Phillips Spirit Datacine and DaVinci 8:8:8

telecine systems, including color correction, gamma calibration and testing. Extensive production

knowledge of virtual set technologies, with a major focus on ORAD's CyberSet for professional television

production. Creative design credits include textures and models for ESPN SportsCentury, ABC News, ABC

News with John Stossel, The History Channel, Discovery News, SheTV, Children Television Workshop,

Buffalo 66, HBO Fairy Tales for Every Child, and many commercial projects.


Align Communications, New York NY


June 1995 -May 1996


Served as a Website consultant for client companies and their technical staffs. Duties included

installation and maintenance of servers, capacity planning, HTML and CGI/Perl programming of sites.

Developed on-line ordering and reader response forums, customization of search engines and system

level error checking and recovery scripts.Implemented a total graphical redesign of Scientific American’s

Website, including Real Media video and audio stream servers, and flash animations. Additional BSD

UNIX support, backup servers, Solaris database support and content publishing automation.



Psychology Laboratory for Electronic Imaging, Indiana University

Imaging Engineer and Facility Manager

May 1992- March 1995


Responsible for the creation and development of a half-million dollar multimedia lab dedicated to the

creation of visual and auditory stimuli for psychological research. Formulated biannual faculty needs

assessments and lab resource development, annual grant renewal proposals, and supervised a four-year

budgetary planning and purchasing program based on collected facility usage data.  Maintained all

laboratory equipment, including U-matic and Hi8 editing systems, digital video editing stations,

construction of a recording studio, RAID storage devices, 35mm film recorders and scanners, and

fluorescent microscope scanners.



Digital Presentation Technologies, Indiana University

Senior Consultant

September 1988 - February 1992


Helped initiate a specialized campus-wide facility for the creation of digital media. Focus

onhigh-end computer graphic design, desktop publishing, image processing and 3D visualization

and animation. Additional software and programming skills in C, C++, and some Pixar RenderMan

RIB and Shader creation. Broad troubleshooting skills on VAX/VMS and UNIX file management.

Developed and taught graphics classes for students, staff and faculty of the University. Conducted

research and co-wrote an NSF grant proposal for the study and feasibility of virtual reality and its

educational benefits for disabled children and adults.






Bachelors of Science in Music (Vocal), Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana 1992

NYU SCE Film Classes, Film Production I & II, Cinematography I & II, Film Editing,

NYU Center for Digital Applications, Maya Beginner, Maya Intermediate

School of Fine Arts, 3D Studio Max Intermediate and Advanced, Final Cut Advanced Training

Discreet, Inc., Discreet Inferno Training x2


DvGarage, PixelCorps 2002-2004 – Focus on Brazil Rendering Engine, Mental Ray and Applied GI Rendering Techniques, Modeling workflow and 3d asset transformations.


Graphic examples and 3d Max Integration Chapter on “Creating Motion Graphics”, Volume 1 and 2 and 3 by Chris Meyers, CMP Books


Radio Theater - (Creative/Technical Director credits on Hayward Sanitarium, and original radio drama produced for National Public Radio (www.haywardsanitarium.com),

Personal Films:

"To Die, To Sleep, Perchance to Nap" 80 Min., 16mm.

"The Question Book", 30min, DV (January 2002), Several Comedy Shorts


References are available upon request.